Phoenix Hall Netheravon July 2020 until further notice

COVID-19 Risk Assessment for hirers of The Phoenix Hall Netheravon

This document can be used as a guide to help you (hirer) produce your own COVID-19 risk assessment for use of the Phoenix Hall. If you need help to complete it please ask OR use this document which becomes your responsibility. You MUST return a form to the Booking clerk prior to your first event to secure your provisional booking.  If your ASSESSMENT OF RISK does not change for your next booking(s) you do not have to provide another signed document.  NOTE: It is intended as a supplement to your ordinary Risk Assessment.

Track and Trace compliance Someone attending my session falls ill. Keep a record of names and contact numbers for all people who attend my group.  If someone falls ill, move person to a safe area. I have a duty to inform NHS Track and Trace if someone in my group falls ill with suspected COVID-19 within 3 days. I have to share this with the Booking Clerk and keep this log for 21 days.
Managing Social distancing and especially people attending who may be vulnerable People do not maintain 1m+ or 2m social distancing Advise my group they must comply with social distancing as far as possible and use one-way system if a large group. Adopt layout as advised. Limit numbers using toilets at once. Large kitchen should not be used. The Main Hall servery kitchen may be used only by one person at a time. Hatchway doors to remain shut at present. Allow older people time to use toilets without others present.
Respiratory hygiene Transmission to other members of group Catch It, Bin It, Kill It. Encourage group to avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose. I will provide tissues & ask all to dispose into a bin or disposable rubbish bag, then wash or sanitise their hands. Remember to bring tissues and hand sanitiser. Remember to empty any bins used into wheelie bin at end of hire.
Hand cleanliness Transmission to other members of group and premises Group MUST use sanitiser on entering and exiting the hall, & wash hands regularly using soap and paper towels. PH provides hand sanitiser points and paper towels.
Someone falls ill with COVID-19 symptoms Transmission to other members of group and premises Follow notices in the hall. Move person to safe area, obtain contacts, inform Booking Clerk. Inform NHS Track and Trace.

Version 1. 25 June 2020

Based upon ACRE: Information sheet opening village halls after lockdown

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